Thursday, December 16, 2010

The influence of your job on your body

I've been wondering for a long time how your job influences the shape of your body via its influence on the diet. And I've been noticing some extreme cases where the change in diet obviously has a huge impact on one's physique:

Here's some examples:
1) The fattened politician
When in the opposition fighting to get to power they look healthy an tanned, they do sports to keep themselves fit. But once the get elected these guys seem to undergo a diet-disaster that makes them fat. Is it due to the cookies served at numerous meetings? The sandwiches at press conferences and art events? The buffets at conferences? The numerous 12 course gala dinners?
Austria's Alfred Gusenbauer for example seems to have almost doubled his size while in the office as chancellor. Once he stepped down and took on a real job again he went back to his original decent size.
Another one, Germany's Joschka Fischer is a special case. He tried to fight back at times but somehow turned into the perfect example of for the yo-yo effect.

2) The traveling consultant
Well, working dreadful hours away from home, staying in hotels (and their bars) and eating in multiple restaurants of all sorts of quality levels does not leave much room for a healthy living. Some fight it with morning sports or late night gym sessions, but only the weekends at home keep them from following the politicians' fattening trail.

3) The fragile Pope
Popes are a special case. First of all they are rather rare these days. So I have been watching them for 20+ years and have noticed that they all seem rather fit and agile when the white smoke rises from the the Sistine Chapel. However, I have not yet figured out what turns them into rickety old men within just a few months. Is it the sudden change in food once they relocate to Rome? An overdose incense (it does contain THC, after all)?

These are the ones that I notices so far - I'm sure there's more out there.

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