Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hollerröster a.k.a. Stewed Elderberries

Once a year it's time to harvest the elder bush in our backyard. Those blossoms, which have not been turned into the beloved sirup or jelly at spring time have now turned into near-black berries. Every year we're surprised how many we have left on there.
So, after 3 hours of de-vineing we ended up with not only blood-red hands two but also with two large bowls of berries ready to be processed. One half of it was bound to become stewed:
We added some sugar, sliced apples, red wine, lemon juice and a cinnamon stick and let it cook for a while (If we had had some plums at hand we would have added those as well). Then we added some vanilla pudding powder to get it thickened (Milli's family tip). If you want no pudding you can let it simmer until it thickens - but watch out it tends to overcook and add some extra color your kitchen furniture and floor if it does ...

Here's the result:
The kids love this wonderful and healthy dessert as it tastes wonderful and turns their lips, teeth and tongue blue ...

Wondering about the other half? That we threw into the steam-juicer and got three bottles of wonderful sirup.


  1. I'm an Austrian working in Slovakia and just tried to explain Hollerröster to my colleagues here. They told me it's a poisoned fruit...
    Had a lort of funny discussion and finally happy to be able to send them evidence :-)
    Great translation.


  2. I'm a Slovak working in Slovakia and I still believe it is a little bit poisoned, but I will be more than happy to try this adventurous recipe soon :-)

    Slovakian colleagues